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Superior quality herbal ear cones are available directly from C & H Ranch near Payson, Arizona. Together, Lynn Cazelet and Jim Higley make several herbal ear cone varieties. The cones are
14 -15 inches long and hand spun left and right. Since each of us has a left and right ear, it just made sense to make a left and right-spiraled ear cone. Packaged in pairs, they are made from 100% cotton muslin and 100% beeswax blended with different essential oils, tinctures and extracts.

Lynn & Jim Founders of C & H Ranch
Beeswax from the hive is slowly melted and filtered for use in the herbal ear cones. Unbleached muslin avoids any unwanted chemicals from the bleaching process. Talk to a qualified herbalist for more information about the use of herbs. Ear coning is being done in many different ways. Please follow our instructions for the best results with our ear cones. Instructions are provided with each order on the product labels and also in our separate free brochure, which gives much more information about ear coning. Always use common sense when ear coning.
Ear Coning

Why would you want to do an ear coning? Because it feels wonderfully soothing and relaxing.

If you have any questions about ear coning, please do not hesitate to contact us either through e-mail or by phone.

We have been serving our valued customers for over 20 years.
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