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General Pricing Information

Our web site is restricted to calculate retail prices only. We will contact you prior to processing your payment or credit card and verify your order and dollar total with any applicable discounts. Unless you tell us otherwise, we wait to process your credit card until your order is ready to ship.

Retail price per pair is $8.50 for Rose, $8.00 for all others. Suggested minimum order is 6 pairs, any combination of our 9 varieties.


Do you perform ear coning as a service to others? Then you are a practitioner and we have discounts for you. It's easy to qualify, just email or call. Practitioner prices start at $7.00 per pair for 1 to 17 pairs. Our best price for a practitioner is $6.50 per pair for 18 or more pairs. Due to the higher cost of the essential oil, the practitioner price for our Rose variety is always $7.00 per pair. Call or email for your discount.


Are you a Retailer? Do you have a store? If so, our wholesale price per pair is $5.50 for 8 of our 9 varieties and $5.75 per pair for Rose. Call or email to qualify. Suggested minimum order for wholesale is 16 pairs; any combination of our 9 varieties.

Shipping and Insurance

Our Shipping costs have changed so we will have to calculate shipping
individually for each order and select the appropriate shipper.
It will be either USPS Priority or UPS Ground

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